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Quartz Lake Cabin

There are two cabins on this lake. Glatfelder Cabin which is the historic one and Quartz Lake Cabin.

I drove to this cabin on a trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks, down the Alaska Highway to route 1 and then a side trip down route 4. I was wasting time between the Great Alaska Gathering and the STOL contest in Valdez. During this trip I checked Quartz Lake Cabin which I had not flown into because it was out of the way and the lake did not seem interesting. I fly a float plane to get out in the sticks and this cabin is right in the middle of a park with a boat ramp.

It is a great cabin but for the whole summer it used by the park host and is not available to the public. The lake has several camp sites and a boat lunch so it is going to get crowded in the summer. Outside the summer season this might be an OK place. You could tie up on the beach and camp at one of the campsites. I would only use this location if I was on the move and it was getting late in the day. Check out Glatfelder Cabin, it is available during the summer.

Link to State Park Cabin information. http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/index.htm

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View to lake across the parking lot.

Building is to rent fishing equipment.